At the centre, the Customer

Ideas and objectives, men and technologies

The  strength of a Company lies in its staff, who, with their ideas, skills and dedication combine to become the heart of the Company. Maris, fully aware of this, constantly relies on its staff to deal with every request of the customer, from the simplest to the most technological challenges. 

Maris makes customer care its work philosophy, identifying their requirements and providing solutions, which will grant complete satisfaction in terms of results, with particular attention to innovation.

This is why Maris has always engaged in a wide variety of innovative technological challenges, such as reactive extrusion or the study of completely new processes, using all the experience and know-how acquired in more than 50 years in the demanding business of Plastics Compounding.

The objectives are reached thanks to Maris’ consolidated ability to operate as a team with the customer and all the participants on each specific project.

All the necessary resources, including the wide range of specific facilities at Maris, are involved and made available in order to find the most rational and high-performing solutions, both in the solely technical and technological procedures as well as where a synergistic efficiency is required.

The result is a whole range of ever more optimized productive processes, which allow our customers to respond efficiently to the requirements of a market which is becoming more demanding and sophisticated day by day.

Twin-screw extruder

in the world is said Maris…

Quality and competency since 1962

Since the beginning of the 60’s Maris has a starring role in the compounding field and is specialized in the manufacturing of co-rotating twin-screw extruders.

The constant research and the acquired experience made Maris one of the leaders in this sector at international level.

When speaking about high quality mixing of plastic materials and rubbers, Maris extruders are a standard.

Constant evolution

Established in 1962 for the manufacture of extruders and dies for pipes and profiles, Maris S.p.A. has evolved through time, successfully becoming one of the leaders in the first developments of polymeric products, with the aim to give its contribution to the evolution of the related technology, making compounding its own mission.
This mission was made possible, during the 70’s, thanks to the manufacturing of new generation co-rotating twin-screw extruders, with self-cleaning screws and sectional sectors.
These developments continued in the 80’s, with the manufacture of extruders having screws at two -or three- lobes, used for the production of masterbatches and techno-compounds. The 90’s marked the development of applications in sectors in which co-rotating twin-screw extruders were not used. The continuous research, which is the base of this evolution, along with productivity and experience acquired, places Maris as worldwide leader. Thanks to the subsequent generation of HT and subsequently HS extruders, the Company reinforces its own leading role in the compounding sector, demonstrating its mission dedicated to evolution.

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