Technological Center Tests of innovation. In our laboratory, your ideas become reality


Maris, for the purpose of continuous research and development of technologically advanced solutions, has further strengthened its trials department, fully equipping a new and autonomous one thousand square meters Technological Centre.

Maris Technological Centre carries out innovative and continuous analysis of each production process, which involves co-rotating twin-screw extruders. The Centre makes use of its highly qualified technical staff, who are available to solve both internal and on-site problems, Assistance at start-up, problem solving, customer visits, in full support of the Commercial Department.

Among the primary activities of the Technological Centre is the in-depth study of new productive applications for its machines. 

The Centre collaborates with Public and Private Corporations, national and foreign, for the development of important research projects among which – in addition to those connected to the compounding of plastic materials – are those for the use of co-rotating twin screw extruders for the production of vulcanizing rubber, for the development of a rubber de-vulcanizing process, for the continuous production of solvent base adhesive, and for polymerization processes.

Thanks to the creativity, the know-how and the technicians working in the two parts of the Centre, the Technological Laboratory and the Materials Characterization Laboratory, Maris is ready to take on any additional challenge to go beyond new technological barriers.

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